WondRWomN is a formidable force in the world of hip hop, emanating a serene yet commanding presence both on and off the stage. with her unparalleled skill in delivering intricate wordplay, she effortlessly weaves her magic over a diverse range of beats, from jazzy and modern hip hop to hard-hitting edm and beyond. her performances have taken her across europe, sharing stages with esteemed artists such as andalusian hip-hop legends sfdk. not content with simply making music, WondRWomN has also left her mark as a collaborator, joining forces with spanish rap group many sharks on the album "black teeth/black tearz," further solidifying her presence in the international hip hop scene.

WondRWomN has graced the stages of various prestigious venues and events across europe, leaving audiences captivated by her electrifying performances. from headlining the swag jam in berlin, germany (2023), to joining the lukah uk tour in her hometown of london, united kingdom (2023), she continues to make waves in the international hip hop scene. her talent has also been showcased at esteemed festivals such as space mountain festival in granada, spain (2022) and adoquin festival in cadiz, spain (2022). additionally, she has represented her craft at renowned industry events including linecheck festival in milan, italy (2021) and mastering the music business in bucharest, romania (2021). each performance is a testament to her unparalleled skill, passion, and dedication to the art of hip hop.

but WondRWomN's impact transcends the stage. she is a visionary, a beacon of creativity, and a champion for young minds. through her multi-purpose music space, The RecordShop, nestled in the heart of wood green's bustling mall, she has created a universe where aspiring artists can cultivate their talents and explore their creativity. her dedication to empowering the next generation is nothing short of heroic, as she continues to inspire and uplift through her music and her unwavering commitment to nurturing talent within her community.